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Dining, Bar & Lounge



Ranthambore Forest Resort dining room offers a panoramic view of the nature and swimming pool. The dining room is decorated in a simplistic, feel-good style by Ranthambore Forest Resort. It offers cuisines ranging from traditional, authentic to contemporary favourites in buffet forms. Furthermore, the kitchen staff is more than happy to cater to individual tastes and palettes. A fun place to savour your morning breakfast, afternoon lunch and evening supper, the dining room is a venue for all in-house meals.

Cultural Eve, Private Dinner

We also make dining flexible and easy, offering a variety of options to suit different moods and tastes: private dinner, dinner on terrace, bar-be-que.



Our terrace bar is the place to be. With a large television screen for communal viewing of entertainment/ sports, this lounge also offers a range of boards games and a beautiful view of the garden and ranthambore hills .